This community is led by Pastor Aaron Linville as well as well as our church Joint Board members. We are here to make sure your experience is meaningful and rewarding, and to ensure this community lives up to the vision and values of Millwoods Community Church.
We are glad you are a part of our community.

While you are here, we encourage you to:

-Read our community conversations
-Contact us if you are interested in helping us support our Millwoods Community
-Celebrate the good things happening in your life and the lives of your family and friends

September 10th Community Conversation with City Representatives from left to right:
Jennifer (Edmonton Public Library) , Helen (Neighbourhood Empowerment Team Youth Community Safety Liaison with The Family Centre), Lawrence (From the Edmonton Police Department Community Programing / Education),
Ashleigh Muchortow (social worker at WINGS of Providence), Debbie (Community Engagement Officer at WINGS of Providence),
Councilor Jo-Anne Wright for the Sspomitapi (SS-POH-ME-TAH-PEE) Ward, Jacky (Senior Council Assistant for Councilor Wright),
Christina (School principal at Sven Hansen School )