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Yearly Archives: 2018

Daily Texts History

The Daily Watchwords or Losungen is an annual, globally distributed publication of the Moravian Church. It started May 3, 1728 and is now published in 50 languages, making it the oldest and most widely read daily devotional work in the … read more

April 29, 2018 Reading

Scripture Reading:   Ecclesiastes 1:12-18

April 29, 2018

Is what I have good enough? Jesus told the story:  Five foolish virgins, five wise ones. The foolish virgins were foolish because they had enough light but they did not have it to last. Some of you have enough light … read more

April 8, 2018 Reading

Scripture Readings – John 20: 24-29

April 1& 8 Easter Sunday Sermon

Pastor Joshua Preaching: I Won’t Believe It Unless…” Scripture Readings – John 20: 24-29     Pastor Joshua Pantoja Preaching:  Easter Expectation Scripture Reading: John 20:1-8; Mark 16:1-7; Luke 24:13-18; John 20:19-21

April 1, 2018

Have you had life experiences where things did not turn out to be as you had expected? Your answer is probably, “Yes!” Some people would mention their failed expectations from the church. Others would perhaps even share their disappointments about … read more

March 18 & 25, 2018 Sermon

Pastor Milton Preaching: Setting Out For Jerusalem March 18, 2018 Sermon Pastor Joshua Pantoja Preaching: The Way To Glory

April 1, 2018 Reading

Mark 16:1-7; Luke 24:1-27; John 20:19-21

April 1, 2018

I covet your prayers. Let’s all bend our knees everyday and claim the Spirit’s power as we proclaim the name of Jesus this Easter.

March 25, 2018

Jesus set his face to go to Jerusalem and Jerusalem meant one thing for Jesus: certain death.  Today we celebrate His kingship, we catch a glimpse of the Palm Sundays to come as we gather around His throne in heaven, … read more

March 18, 2018 Reading

Scripture Readings – John 12: 20-33

March 18, 2016

Jesus wants to teach us that the way to glory is not through triumph and glory, not through domination and subjection. The way to glory is through death to self and through service to God and man.

January 14, 2018 Sermon

Pastor Milton Preaching: Do You Know Who You Are? Scripture Readings – Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18

January 7, 2018 Sermon

Pastor Joshua Preaching: Peace That Endures Scripture Reading: Philippians 4: 4-9  

January 14, 2018

We hope you will join us today in our Worship of ” Do You Know Who You Are?” Welcome to Worship!

Jan 7, 2018 Reading

Jan 7, 2018 Reading:Philippians 4:4-9

January 7, 2018

Our first week of the year has come and gone. Do we still have peace in our hearts regarding the resolutions that we made at the beginning of the year? The fact is, once we have made peace with God, … read more