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Pastor Message

Word from Pastor Aaron

It is difficult to believe, but Lent is almost here. I’m excited to share the Lenten journey with this congregation for the first time, and to try a Bible Study method that is new to me. One of the limitations of the way we typically use scripture in Bible Studies and Worship Services is that we look at short portions. Usually, we only look at a handful of verses. This is great, because it helps us take each verse seriously, but one of the side effects is that we do not notice larger patterns and messages. I love digging into each section of the Sermon on the Mount, but I also need to read the sermon as a whole to get THE message that Jesus is trying to convey through all the smaller parts.

That is why I’m going to offer the chance for us to gather and read longer sections of scripture together and then reflect on “What is THE message we hear in all that we have read” or “What is the message you heard a few times in what we just read.” Please pay attention to your bulletin for when it is scheduled. Who knows, we might have multiple options.

For me, Lent is also a time to dig into our history and the faith that has been handed down to us from our parents, grandparents, and ancestors. This is why I’m offering a chance to dig into the faith of the Ancient Unity: the church that grew from the ashes of Hus’ execution, was persecuted into non-existence during the 30 Years War, and that we believe was reborn under the leadership of Count Zinzendorf in the 1720s to spread all over the world, including Edmonton. Their faithfulness is a treasure trove for our discipleship development.

Again, I look forward to sharing the season and growth of Lent with you.  Peace to you during this time of preparation for Holy Week, Good Friday, and Easter Morning,

Pastor Aaron